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The Most Creative ever…

Why we have to be creative ??

Well, some people maybe do not concern about how important the creativity is. However, the creativity is very importat and needed in our life of any aspect. Without creativity, someone could be so stiff even can not make something different. It means someone who is not creative, he can not develop his own self and will be competed with his rival.


What’s the creative product ?

I can find many things and products that support my life along this time. There’s one product which has many benefits and advantages for me, help the whole activity I have to do and make it as easy as possible. The product named Internet. This is the creative product ever in my life, and I think the inventor is very innovative as well.

Ask me why ??

These are the reason :

  • By internet, we can meet and communicate with every person, even he’s in another part of the world.
  • Internet makes our time more efficient, because we don’t have to go to another place just to buy something or reservation.
  • Tightening the relationsip among people (social web such as facebook, friendster, etc)
  • For a student like me, internet very helpful in finishing an assignment and also can increase knowledge.


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